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Noche Oscura – The Languor in the Dark Night of the Soul

Remembering my friends Adam Lee and Jason Mejia

  “There you go, swimming deeper into Mystery.  Here I remain only seeing where you used to be…….Gone from Mystery into Mystery. Gone from daylight into night. Another step deeper into darkness, closer to the light.”  Bruce Cockburn

Dark Night 1.jpg

Silk, Cotton, poly ribbon, metallic and cotton thread and floss 24″x36


Love on a Summer Bench in Sol Major

Linen, linen-polyester blend, cotton, metallic thread and floss, cotton-polyester thread and floss, polyester ribbon 14”x18.75”


This grew out of the bubbling ebullience I feel contemplating my love for my husband. The final name for this piece was given to it by our dear friend, Tony Lawson, a composer and musician.