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“I was Hungry and You Gave Me Food”

In the spring of 2016, I was invited by Matthew Gosser, (curator and teacher at NJIT’s College of Architecture and Design, involved with the historic preservation of many of Newark’s landmark buildings,) to create art based on my personal experience with the Queen of Angels, a historic church on Belmont Avenue, now Irving Turner Blvd.

Queen of Angels I Was Hungry and you gave me food.jpg

Queen of Angels   New Host.jpg

                                  “I was Hungry and  You Gave Me Food”                                                                       Mixed media photos  Finished size: 17×20 inches

“I was Hungry and You Gave Me Food” is my response to the loss of this community landmark: Queen of Angles RC Church 1861-2014.  My piece was created from my photo of the residual from drug use left in a back room in the old school at the back of the Queen of Angels Church. All the colored window glass came from the same school floor.


Because I have grown up in a liturgical church, (Episcopal) I know how important the Mass and the spiritual food given in the form of the Host is to the believing community. I also have experienced personal nurture from my church community when my first husband died young, and when I had only a 5% chance to recover from a particularly aggressive cancer. Thus I have had an intimate relationship with Matthew 25:35

I was hungry and you gave me food   I was thirsty and you gave me drink   I was sick and you visited me   I was in prison and you came to me.

The need for a way to get through life’s pain and brokenness has always existed. The church is one of the community structures to provide help. With the loss of this institution of community care, the building apparently became available for use by those still in need of being fed, the homeless and the drug users.











Noche Oscura – The Languor in the Dark Night of the Soul

Remembering my friends Adam Lee and Jason Mejia

  “There you go, swimming deeper into Mystery.  Here I remain only seeing where you used to be…….Gone from Mystery into Mystery. Gone from daylight into night. Another step deeper into darkness, closer to the light.”  Bruce Cockburn

Dark Night 1.jpg

Silk, Cotton, poly ribbon, metallic and cotton thread and floss 24″x36

Distressed and Distracted

Distressed and Distracted.jpg
Silk and poly on linen, linen twine, cotton and metallic thread 40″x20″

I can’t hold on to a single thought:  the murders in Orlando, world and US politics, the death of a 21 year old friend, and perhaps, what I hope is only a momentary experience of “adjustment fatigue” to change.  The bottom images in this piece are me throwing and kicking and being angry and miserable.  The top images are life flowing forward through those not touched by pain at this moment.  I experience life as liminal between a yin/ yang of tensions.