Digital Drawing

15 Drawings

MUSIC  Five Horns at Manitoga – James, Jason, John, Peter & Ben

Live performance, site specific music by Ben Neill’s brass quintet and electronics players.


After Seeing Work  by  Yayoi 

Japanese Avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama.

Did I say tooooo much

Did I say Too Much?  Can’t put it back once said.

Fleet Foxes  White Winter Hymnal    With scarves of red tied 'round their throats, to keep their little heads, from falling in the snow

 MUSIC  White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes  Inspired by their harmonic union that led me from one site to the next.

For Ben Blue Parallel

MUSIC  Entre Deux for Ben  Inspired by Ben Neill’s new album Horizonal

Please listen:


for Seth Cluett Forms of Forgetting #1

MUSIC  Forms of Forgetting #1 for Seth Cluett 

Forms of Forgetting #2 yellow

MUSIC  Forms of Forgetting #2 for Seth Cluett

gold panda 2

MUSIC  After We Talked by Gold Panda

I took my watch apart but I can't stop time

I Took My Watch Apart But I Can’t Stop Time

In C Terry Riley #1

MUSIC  In C by Terry Riley

Just Once I'd like to punch the bad guy GH2 Strong Fist yellow

Just Once I’d Like to Punch the Bad Guy

Keeping it together while I watch her die

Keeping it Together While I Watch Her Die

My Moslem sisters are Birds in a Box #2

My Muslim Sisters are Birds In a Box

Throwing Boards Stocastic House Building While I Dream

Throwing Boards: Stochastic House Building While I Dream

Topophilia (2)

Topophilia #2

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