Exhibition Schedule

WOPL CARD 8x12 front.jpgGeri Hahn Art Show 12 2 2018.jpg43636098_10215048094968750_2659074378200776704_n[1].jpg

Aferro show.jpg

At the request of WBGO Jazz radio, and the curation of Jo-El Lopez, the “So What” show on the 2nd floor at Gallery Aferro includes pieces by 10 artists, all of which have been inspired by the Miles Davis, Coltrane, Adderley composition “So What”.

My contribution is a hand sewn fabric piece which I titled “So What, Sew What”. Can’t show you here. Gotta’ attend to see it.

Please attend our opening October 5th from 7-10pm


My first Art Show in New York, NY

Outside In Art Show Promo.jpeg

At age 72 I have been “discovered” as an Outsider ArtistOutsider’s work is in a “raw state, uncooked by cultural and artistic influences”.

I have always drawn, but for most of my life, I never saw myself as an artist. Artists went to art school, while I trained in Land Use Planning and Forestry. I pursued a lifetime of environmental and community activism and was mother to six children; being an artist was not part of my narrative. However, I decided to return to college at age 67, and there my story changed. I was studying music history at Ramapo College of New Jersey when, by accident, the college’s Gallery Director saw my portfolio of hand-sewn fabric collages, and promptly offered me a solo show. With that show, I gave myself permission to add the calling of the artist to my self-story; I have been answering that call ever since.

Inspired by The Deformation of Figures by Tim Feeney and Seth Cluett.jpg



cWOW invitation

Eating Sound

Eating sound #X Red napkin 4 5 2015.jpg

12″x12″ Mixed Media on Aluminum



Living Out Loud Ramapo College ShowHahn, Geri 7.29.14 29

Hahn, Geri 7.29.14 03

Hand sewn fabric art largely based on my synesthetic response to music at my 1st solo show 2014
Hand sewn fabric art largely based on my synesthetic response to music at my Living Out Loud – Exhibition of 34 Pieces.  I included QR codes with each music piece so attendees could listen to the sounds that inspired me.


Hahn, Geri 7.29.14 37

Hahn, Geri 7.29.14 42

Hahn, Geri 7.29.14 16

Hahn, Geri 7.29.14 04

June 22 – October 6, 2014

Living Out Loud – Exhibition of 34 Pieces, Ramapo College George T. Potter Library Gallery.



Geri Hahn Art Show 4x4 12 2 2018

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