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Distressed and Distracted

Distressed and Distracted.jpg
Silk and poly on linen, linen twine, cotton and metallic thread 40″x20″

I can’t hold on to a single thought:  the murders in Orlando, world and US politics, the death of a 21 year old friend, and perhaps, what I hope is only a momentary experience of “adjustment fatigue” to change.  The bottom images in this piece are me throwing and kicking and being angry and miserable.  The top images are life flowing forward through those not touched by pain at this moment.  I experience life as liminal between a yin/ yang of tensions.

Keeping My Balance on One Leg

How Long Can I Keep My Balance Before I Fall Into Infirmity
“How Long Can I Keep My Balance Before I Fall Into Infirmity?” Hahnemühle Fine Art German Etching Paper 310 gsm, giclée print 10×7.75″



“How Long Can I Keep My Balance Before I Fall Into Infirmity?”   Silk on linen, with linen cord, metallic and cotton floss and thread 24″x36″

For all of us Baby Boomers, Infirmity is real!
I was talking with a 60-something friend about his health issues this morning, and this fell out of my pens.

So far I am the pink dancer, but watching friends and family age, I can anticipate a probable future. And I always experience pain as very sharp. I can only balance on one leg for so long, no matter how much I exercise, how strong my core is, or how much healthy food I eat.

Where Am I Going? What Shall I Choose? (2011)

Silk, metallic thread 9”x11.5”
Silk, metallic thread

This was the most compulsive piece that I have ever made, begun on the very first day of my retirement. In my impulse to create on the spot, I simply cut up three old pieces of silk clothing and sewed them together. I am the person on the right side, looking backwards toward the left, at my skills, passions and my undeveloped hopes and dreams.