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The Hall of Mirrors In The Palace of Versailles by Terry Riley & John Cale

This represents only about 10 seconds of the 1971 “Anthrax” album recording of the wonderfully swirling, cyclical mantras of Terry Riley’s Sax, and the piano’s oceanic roll by John Cale, (famous  for his membership in the Velvet Underground).

TR JC.jpg
inen, silk with cotton and metallic thread and floss  42″x42″


Image below was the first small model for the large piece above.  Silk, cotton and metallic thread and floss, 12″x12″

John Cale & Terry Riley  Church of Anthrax Album#1 CWOW.jpg

Curing Cancer: On the Road – Inspired by Max Maffia (2013)

Silk, cotton, cotton thread and floss 19.5”x15”
Silk, cotton, cotton thread and floss 19.5”x15”

Inspiration: Max Maffia “On the Road.” 2005. Anywhere in the World! Daybox  Records.  | Length: 3:12; Musical Genre: Ambient Guitar

A few years ago when I underwent radiation treatments as part of my journey with cancer, I created a sound track on my iPod to support my healing.  This image is the sound of a single harmonic guitar chord that I visualized as cutting a slice off my tumor and making that slice explode and disappear with the radiation treatments. In October 2013, I had the greatest pleasure to finally meet the composer/guitarist, Max Maffia in his beautiful home city of Salerno, Italy. I cherish the memory of the concert Max organized in my honor, in a Salerno art gallery with his entire band, and 50 of his dearest family and friends. I finally got to hear a live version of the song that supported my healing.