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“My Chest Hurts – Bacterial Tracheitis”

As a synesthete, if I care to “look” at what I feel, I can draw it.  This is what a sore chest felt like.    It was all sort of squeezey pressure with points of pain like a very sore throat in the wrong place.  The fabric piece is sewn directly on a commercial 12″ square stretched linen canvas.  I am quite well now,  and all that remains, thankfully, is the artwork.

Sore chest CWOW.jpg

12″x12″ linen canvas, silk and linen, cotton and metallic thread and floss 

My Chest Hurts .Bacterial Tracheitis.jpg


Marital Bliss-37 years and counting

Marital Bliss - 68x53.jpg
Silk, linen, cotton and metallic thread and floss  53″x68″

Every single day with Mark Hahn is a blessing- full of laughter, fascinating conversations, kindness and so much LOVE.  This is my largest sewn piece to date in my effort to suggest how happy I am with my beloved.