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“The Deformation of Figures”

Sine Tone Drum fabric.jpg

Silk on linen, metallic thread and floss. 26″x34″.

Using my synesthesia, my hearing to seeing and making art, I created this hand sewn surface design based on live electronics and bass drum. “The Deformation of Figures” was composed by Seth Cluett and performed by percussionist Tim Feeney. This “lowercase” music is an extreme form of ambient music, subtle and rich. The electronics/sine tones, are in color, and the percussion is in black for this one hour performance. I make sketches while listening at a live concert, and re listen to recordings until I am happy with my capture of the “bones” of the music.

“Red Shift”- Horizonal Album by Ben Neill

Red Shift filitered.jpg

Quote by Composer/Musician Ben Neill

It’s fascinating how well you captured the essence of this song just as you did Entre Deux, which hangs proudly in my office. I always thought of Entre Deux as a conversation which you represented visually, and the arpeggios of Red Shift always felt like spiraling, circular movement. Thanks for your great creative work, I’m glad to be a source of inspiration…and in turn to be inspired by your art!”

Shy by Matthew Dear


Matthew Dear   SHY Sewy.jpg
Silk on linen , linen cord and metallic floss & thread

Matthew Dear.jpeg

This is what most of my drawings start as- listening through fancy head phones,  with my aural/visual response on a napkin which is my favorite drawing paper.  I scan the napkin, clean up the image and colorize a multitude of color and texture choices in Photoshop, blow up the image to size I want to sew, print pattern and use as stencil to cut fabric for completed piece, hand embroider in place and VOILA- there it is