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Walk, Stop, Walk


walk stop walk black white.jpg

8.5″x11″  Hahnemuhle Fine Art Museum Etching Paper, Archival Inks Giclee

As one who has had polio, and as I have aged,  my gate has become bumpy with many pauses.  Thus I find myself  looking at the small units of the  world around me.  This is actually  pretty cool  as I focus on interesting details that I surely missed  in the days when I could speed walk.


“My Chest Hurts – Bacterial Tracheitis”

As a synesthete, if I care to “look” at what I feel, I can draw it.  This is what a sore chest felt like.    It was all sort of squeezey pressure with points of pain like a very sore throat in the wrong place.  The fabric piece is sewn directly on a commercial 12″ square stretched linen canvas.  I am quite well now,  and all that remains, thankfully, is the artwork.

Sore chest CWOW.jpg

12″x12″ linen canvas, silk and linen, cotton and metallic thread and floss 

My Chest Hurts .Bacterial Tracheitis.jpg