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Il Sogno: Catania, Campania & Lucca

Cotton, linen, cotton and metallic floss 9.5”x8.5”
Cotton, linen, cotton and metallic floss

This is a cover for an Artist Book I designed prior to our trip to Italy in 2013. We made this visit to my nine Italian composer/musician friends who lived in Catania, Campania or Lucca, and who created the music that was my soundtrack of healing when I was very ill in 2009. This poem by Tagore and the five drawn color variations of the hand sewn cover, are included in the Book.

The eternal Dream
Is borne on the wings of ageless Light
That rends the veil of the vague
And goes across Time
Weaving ceaseless patterns of Being.

The mystery remains dumb,
The meaning of this pilgrimage,
The endless adventure of existence –
Whose rush along the sky
Flames up into innumerable rings of paths,
Till at last knowledge gleams out from the dusk
In the infinity of human spirit,
And in that dim-lighted dawn
She speechlessly gazes through the break in the mist
At the vision of Life and Love
Emerging from the tumult of profound pain and joy.

September 16, 1929

Reflections (2012)

Cotton, polyester, cotton thread
Cotton, polyester, cotton thread    11.5”x11.75”

Inspiration: Max Waves and Pixieguts. “Reflections.” 2010. Music for Microworlds. Elektronische Musik Union. | Length: 5:49; Musical Genre: Chillout Electronica

If I were to score music, it would look like this. Start at the bottom right and move up left and clockwise. (Who needs 5 lines and 4 spaces?) Pixieguts, who sings this poetry, has a wonderfully pink voice over against the electronica frame by Max Waves.

Curing Cancer: On the Road – Inspired by Max Maffia (2013)

Silk, cotton, cotton thread and floss 19.5”x15”
Silk, cotton, cotton thread and floss 19.5”x15”

Inspiration: Max Maffia “On the Road.” 2005. Anywhere in the World! Daybox  Records.  | Length: 3:12; Musical Genre: Ambient Guitar

A few years ago when I underwent radiation treatments as part of my journey with cancer, I created a sound track on my iPod to support my healing.  This image is the sound of a single harmonic guitar chord that I visualized as cutting a slice off my tumor and making that slice explode and disappear with the radiation treatments. In October 2013, I had the greatest pleasure to finally meet the composer/guitarist, Max Maffia in his beautiful home city of Salerno, Italy. I cherish the memory of the concert Max organized in my honor, in a Salerno art gallery with his entire band, and 50 of his dearest family and friends. I finally got to hear a live version of the song that supported my healing.