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Kaliko by Zomby 2008

Kaliko 2.jpg

Silk, cotton and linen with cotton and metallic thread and floss 31″x21.5″

This song is a bubble-dub song, bumpy with colored percussion, and  simple circular and angular patterns.  Feels like the party detritus strewn in my brain the day after a very joyful lively gathering.  Completed June 1, 2017


8 Bit Music/Chiptunes

Chiptunes 8 Bit.jpg

20″x24″  Linen and cotton on linen, cotton and metallic thread and floss.

I always liked the music in video games better than the games. The sounds are discrete and usually very bouncy.  This is a gestalt of many musical experiences with chiptunes.


“The Deformation of Figures”

Sine Tone Drum fabric.jpg

Silk on linen, metallic thread and floss. 26″x34″.

Using my synesthesia, my hearing to seeing and making art, I created this hand sewn surface design based on live electronics and bass drum. “The Deformation of Figures” was composed by Seth Cluett and performed by percussionist Tim Feeney. This “lowercase” music is an extreme form of ambient music, subtle and rich. The electronics/sine tones, are in color, and the percussion is in black for this one hour performance. I make sketches while listening at a live concert, and re listen to recordings until I am happy with my capture of the “bones” of the music.

Reflections (2012)

Cotton, polyester, cotton thread
Cotton, polyester, cotton thread    11.5”x11.75”

Inspiration: Max Waves and Pixieguts. “Reflections.” 2010. Music for Microworlds. Elektronische Musik Union. | Length: 5:49; Musical Genre: Chillout Electronica

If I were to score music, it would look like this. Start at the bottom right and move up left and clockwise. (Who needs 5 lines and 4 spaces?) Pixieguts, who sings this poetry, has a wonderfully pink voice over against the electronica frame by Max Waves.