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Correlative Conjunctions AND, BUT, NOT by Geri Hahn, Music by Svetlana Rudenko, Animation by Ann Le Pore 17th Oct 2019 IASAS on Vimeo

“Synaesthesia (loop in a loop): artist-synaesthete from New Jersey Geri Hahn created three of sewn textile pieces following her synaesthetic responses to the English grammar conjunctions AND, BUT, NOT… Pianist Svetlana Rudenko perceived the humour and characters of Artwork in a motion and musical genre/ Dancing Textures, and Ann Le Pore, Ramapo College, animated it into composition. All three artists have different forms of cross-sensory synesthesia but were happy to play with transposition of experience from one sensory modality to another.”  Svetlana Rudenko

“As a synesthete, I recognize deep patterns in the spoken language. And, But and Not are conjunctions that join two or more thoughts. Each of these images has a vertical axis that divides the energy, the motion, and the action that I perceive in each of these three ordinary words.”  Geri Hahn

Talking to Friends at an Art Gallery

Talking to Friends at an Art Gallery.jpg

As Peter Gabriel said:  “I’m waiting for ignition, I’m looking for a spark
Any chance collision and I light up in the dark.

Besides experiencing the art displayed at an opening, I usually spend most of my time chatting with fellow artists.  I move between the emotional visual adventure that the art work takes me on, and the hugely satisfying emotional touch and connection within this tribe of old and new friends.