An Afternoon With Interesting Women Friends

An afternoon with interesting women square.jpg

Drawn after spending an afternoon with interesting women friends. Each is a different flavor of deliciousness.  Part of my synesthesia is to “taste” the essence of things and people I find beautiful-not like vanilla -more like eating sculpture – still very satisfying!

3 thoughts on “An Afternoon With Interesting Women Friends”

    1. That my work resonates with you, gives me great pleasure. Your gift to me that keeps on giving, is through all those musician/ composers that you selected for IMI. I started listening to your station in 2008, and it and they created, and still creates, the sound track of my life. You will always be our dear friend! Thank you Tony for your continued involvement in our lives!!!

      1. ╔══╗░░░░╔╦╗░░╔═════╗

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