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“Entre Deux” by Ben Neill

For Ben Blue Parallel

Inspired by Ben Neill’s new album Horizonal.  I see a “conversation” that gets closer over the time of listening.

Quote by Composer/Musician Ben Neill

It’s fascinating how well you captured the essence of  Entre Deux, which hangs proudly in my office. I always thought of Entre Deux as a conversation which you represented visually.”

Please listen:


Curing Cancer: On the Road – Inspired by Max Maffia (2013)

Silk, cotton, cotton thread and floss 19.5”x15”
Silk, cotton, cotton thread and floss 19.5”x15”

Inspiration: Max Maffia “On the Road.” 2005. Anywhere in the World! Daybox  Records.  | Length: 3:12; Musical Genre: Ambient Guitar

A few years ago when I underwent radiation treatments as part of my journey with cancer, I created a sound track on my iPod to support my healing.  This image is the sound of a single harmonic guitar chord that I visualized as cutting a slice off my tumor and making that slice explode and disappear with the radiation treatments. In October 2013, I had the greatest pleasure to finally meet the composer/guitarist, Max Maffia in his beautiful home city of Salerno, Italy. I cherish the memory of the concert Max organized in my honor, in a Salerno art gallery with his entire band, and 50 of his dearest family and friends. I finally got to hear a live version of the song that supported my healing.